Not All Superheroes Wear Capes

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Being a superhero is as easy as buying dinner for a neighbor, or if you’re A Preferred Mortgage, buying dinner for 1,000 neighbors. Through Fork & Spoon’s Pick Up The Tab program, A Preferred Mortgage will be picking up a $5,000 tab at Fork & Spoon, covering ten days of dinner service over the next five months.

Fork & Spoon is a homestyle, Americana restaurant in Bozeman operating on the innovative pay-what-you-can model. Fork & Spoon presents patrons with a suggested cost for their meals, but customers are ultimately given the opportunity to set their own price. Every night, Fork & Spoon invites and serves a wide variety of diners, including those who pay the suggested price, those who pay extra to help offset the cost of those who cannot contribute, and those who pay what they can and a pay a portion of the cost.

On average, Fork & Spoon provides $500 worth of food every night to patrons who are unable to pay. To help pay this nightly tab, Fork & Spoon is reaching out to the Bozeman community for help. Pick Up The Tab partners commit to sponsoring a night at Fork & Spoon, helping to ensure everyone in Gallatin County has access to a delicious and affordable meal.

Says Judy Sprandel, A Preferred Mortgage Bozeman’s Branch Manager “We are proud to support a program that gives back to the community and serves the needs of many in our town. To be able to help provide quality meals to any who need it and can pay what they can afford warms our hearts. Thank you for allowing our small business support this important program.”

The impact Pick Up The Tab sponsors have on Fork & Spoon and the Bozeman community is significant. Nightly, Fork & Spoon serves 80 - 120 patrons, including an average of 14 children, 10 seniors, and 7 families. Fork & Spoon is a vital resource for those in the greater Bozeman community who are facing food insecurity, demonstrated by the fact that only 25% of Fork & Spoon patrons are able to make any kind of contribution towards their meal.

If you’re interested in teaming up with Fork & Spoon to become a local hero by picking up the tab for a night, contact Fork & Spoon at or (406) 587-4225. You can also learn more at online.

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