Volunteer Profile: Izze Calabrese Values Giving Back


I came to Fork & Spoon at the beginning of this year as a marketing intern from the Jake Jabs College of Business at Montana State University. In this position I assist with the social media communications for Fork & Spoon, the Pick Up The Tab campaign, and event promotion.

While this position was intended to prepare me for a future career, the experience I have gained has proved to be a learning experience across all aspects of my life. The staff at Fork & Spoon are an incredibly hard working group of people and spending time in this environment has taught me the value of true work ethic. There is great value in knowing that you are doing something that really matters, and this good feeling carries over into the rest of your life. Spending even a fraction of your time giving back to your community will benefit you just as much as those you are helping.

As an out of state student, my time with Fork & Spoon has been an incredible experience allowing me to connect with the community, which has become my new home. Bozeman is an incredible place to live, and I immediately fell in love with the area upon moving here in 2015. Being a member of Bobcat athletics, I have received so much support from community members, and I am finally able to give back to a community that has given me so much.

Fork and Spoon is such an incredible resource to have in our community, and I urge everyone to participate in whatever capacity they are able to. Stop by for dinner, volunteer, cater an event, or even just tell a friend about us.

Izze Calabrese is a senior at Montana State University studying marketing, where she is a star Track & Field athlete. She has been interning at Fork & Spoon since fall of 2018.

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