Guest Post: Why Inspired Madness Loves Fork & Spoon

By Anna Visscher, Creative Director at Inspired Madness

Here at Feed Café, we’re in the business of feeding people. It’s what we love to do and it’s what feeds us in return by keeping us in business. We also believe strongly in giving back to this community that is so good to us. It feels vitally important to feed members of the community who are hungry and unable to pay for a meal in a restaurant – to make sure every single person in the Gallatin Valley is well fed.

When we learned about Guest Chef nights at Fork & Spoon it felt like the most natural fit imaginable. We could feed people in our community and the proceeds would help to fund a restaurant that makes sure that every member of our community can eat? Sign us up!

8.5 x 11Flyer (Feed Photo).jpg

That feeling only got stronger after doing our first event at Fork & Spoon three years ago and now our company Inspired Madness is committed to doing three events a year - one per restaurant with Feed, Nova and Lot G Café each taking a night and our sister coffee shop and bakery providing the dessert. It’s a wonderful opportunity to give back and it also allows our chefs to play a little by making food we don’t serve on our regular menu. It has turned into a valuable bonding experience for our staff to do something meaningful together outside of work. Additionally it is a way for us to compound our dollars and our efforts. Instead of writing a check and walking away, we can draw in more people and more money to fund Fork & Spoon’s ongoing efforts and educate people about what Fork & Spoon is and does.

In short, working with Fork & Spoon has been one of the most rewarding experiences we have had and we look forward to feeding and fostering community at our upcoming Guest Chef Night – Taco Thursday on May 16th!