Dinner & A Movie Winter & Spring Series

Winter & Spring 2019 Flyer.jpg

Join Fork & Spoon for its winter & spring Dinner & A Movie series in partnership with the Bozeman Film Celebration! Dinner will be served at Fork & Spoon from 5 - 7 pm and will be available on Fork & Spoon’s typical pay what you can model.

The film showing & following discussions will begin at 7 pm and are free & open to the public. Fork & Spoon will stop serving food at 7 pm, but you are welcome to enjoy your meal while viewing the films! Join us for dinner, the film showing, or both!





April 10th Lineup

  1. Buttercup: 12m22s | MONTANA

Maggie is dealing with the aftermath of her mother’s death when her old friend Janie unexpectedly swoops in to help her process her grief.


2. Men Talk About Mother: 7m30s | UK

Three sons reflect on the life and death of their mothers in this short animated documentary. Through interwoven monologues and hand drawn animation, each struggles to understand her place in their lives as memories flow. Their reflection is vivid and moving, infused with both humor and yearning, perhaps nobody can ever really know their own mother, but through these stories we come to connect with a universal experience. 

Deux Mains.jpg

3. Deux Mains: 3m40s | FRANCE

The life of a man through his hands and the ones around him.


4. Approval Needed: 11m 

After a day that just can't get any worse, a lonely traffic-warden finds love and an unexpected friend at the supermarket checkout.

March 20th Lineup

1. TENTPOLE | Sandra, a Syrian refugee, accepts a prestigious but unpaid internship with the UN. She cannot afford to live in Geneva, so she chooses to live in a tent by the lake while trying to compete for a permanent position. When she stumbles upon a fortunate discovery, it seems as though all her problems will be solved, but she doesn’t expect the political fallout.


2. EVERYBODY EATS | Addressing hunger with dignity, pay what you can restaurants are popping up across the world. Everybody Eats tells the story of one innovative, and delicious, alternative to conventional hunger relief efforts and reveals the resiliency and compassion of community at the same time. (No, it’s not Fork & Spoon - but it’s another innovative pay what you can restaurant in Boone, North Carolina, called F.A.R.M. Cafe.)


3. ADVENTURE NOT WAR | Adventure Not War, directed by Bozeman local and Montana State University graduate Max Lowe, explores the importance of recreation for for its healing power.  The film takes us into mountains of Iraq revealing a seldom seen, beautiful underbelly in a place scarred with devastation. Adventure Not War is a new approach to war, inviting veterans to rewrite their histories in places where they served and heal wounds deeper than flesh and bone.

February 20th Line Up

February’s film line up will include four shorts that will focus on and feature female artists and artistic expression. Films will include:

1. Willow Creek Rd. | 15 min. (Filmed on Spring Hill Rd. here in Bozeman!)
2. Painting the Wild | 18 min. 
3. Refrigerator Flying Lessons | 7 mins. 
4. Carly Jo Film | 2 mins.