Support Fork & Spoon

I am homeless right now since the first snow this year. I’ve lost everything in the last 3 months, these wonderful people have fed me and helped keep me alive. I haven’t been able to pay and feel horribly, but the contributions have kept me fed till I can pay back. Please donate to them. It’s for a cause most don’t understand.
— Fork & Spoon customer

Fork & Spoon is Bozeman’s only pay what you can restaurant, where everyone is welcome. We offer our meal on a pay what you can basis, providing the opportunity for everyone in Gallatin County to enjoy a delicious and affordable meal. Every night, Fork & Spoon serves a delicious meal cooked right here in our kitchen. We present our diners with a suggested price for their meal, and they get to choose how much they are able to pay. Fork & Spoon is a critical source of food security for individuals and families living in Gallatin County, and we need your help to ensure we can continue to feed those who cannot pay for their meal.


Fork & Spoon by the numbers

On a nightly basis, Fork & Spoon…

  • Serves 100 diners

  • Collects payment from 30% of its patrons. 60% of Fork & Spoon’s patrons are unable to make a contribution for their meal.

  • Provide $500 worth of food to diners who cannot pay for their meal

  • Serves an average of 14 children, 10 seniors, and 7 families


How Can you help?



When you contribute to Fork and Spoon, your donation will directly benefit Fork & Spoon’s pay what you can dinner service by helping to offset the cost of diners who cannot contribute towards their meal. Consider a one time donation or becoming a sustaining member by committing to donating on a monthly basis.

$14 will feed one person for one night

$56 will feed a family of four for one night

$84 will feed one person for a week

$336 will feed a family of four for a week

$500 will Pick Up The Tab for one night by covering the cost of all patrons who could not contribute that evening


Dine at Fork & Spoon

Don’t be a chicken! Join us for dinner one night and pay it forward! Your contribution will enable us to continue to feed those who cannot pay for their meal. In a rush? Grab some guilt-free take out instead! Good food does good at Fork & Spoon, where you can enjoy a delicious meal while supporting your community at the same time.


Let Us Cater Your Event

All proceeds from Fork & Spoon Catering & Space Rental directly support Fork & Spoon’s pay-what-you-can dinner service. When you host your next event at Fork & Spoon or let Fork & Spoon cater your next meeting, conference, or personal event, you can know that all profits will support the Bozeman community.